Sunday 8 March 2009

Yellow - A Welcome to Spring

And now for something completely different. Some photos from around the house and garden to welcome spring. I came across the idea from a chance encounter with Emily's blog where she has been running a Green Week. The idea being to celebrate the end of the coldest, snowiest part of the year, and together to celebrate the prelude to spring. She has opened this up to all and on her blog you can get links to others who also joined in Green Week. You can access her blog at:

I loved the idea and wanted to try something similar and simpler. I decided on Yellow as we have a lovely vase of daffodils in the living room at the moment. I have since discovered that another blogger has already done a yellow week - in February. What the hell. I think yellow is more appropriate for spring - represents the warming sun and brightness. Green is always around us. Anyway above are some photos to welcome spring.

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