Friday 10 July 2009

Opera Chic

Opera Chic is a wonderfully funny blog written by a young American woman who lives in Milan. She is a classically-trained musician and obviously the blog is mainly about opera. Though La Scala in Milan features a lot, she does cover opera from all over the world. And as the title of the blog suggests this is not your standard opera critique. The focus is more on the performers – the singers, divas, directors, conductors etc.

Even if you are not much interested in opera, or even if you are not interested at all you will still enjoy Opera Chic for its barbed and witty comments and the glamorous and sometimes not so glamorous photos of the jet set of the opera world. For opera lovers the site keeps us informed of all the latest gossip about the professional and private lives of the stars. For a typically bitchy piece on Russian soprano, Anna Netrebko, try this.

The blog is not all photos, OC (as she refers to herself) also includes some fascinating video clips. This piece features Elena Glurdjidze, a senior principal dancer with the English National Ballet. She was at a Chanel salon and gave an impromptu dance of the Dying Swan for Karl Langerfeld which he filmed. Unfortunately according to one of the comments it is the wrong music – Debussy's Clair de Lune – and the dancing and music don't equate. Looks lovely though. Another very funny clip is found in this post about how not to teach children to love classical music. OC suggests letting them watch the Muppets instead.

Opera Chic is not just about opera though. OC herself for some reason supports Inter Milan and she frequently puts up posts and photos of her favourite players, not always with the regulatory kit on. She is also mad about ballet dancer Robert Bolle who features even more regularly on her blog. This is obviously one for the girls, so here is the man himself in all his glory and you can make up your own mind about OC's infatuation.

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