Sunday 10 April 2011

Photo of the month - March 2011

At long last Spring and a touch of warmth has come to us in Scotland.  It is amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to one’s spirits.  I have even managed to get off my backside and do a bit of gardening.  Not much mind you, but the place is looking a lot brighter and cheerful now.  Below are some of the flowers that we had on display in March.
One of the highlights in March for me was attending a two day course in Mounting and Framing at the DCA.  I have already put up a post on this experience, but here are a couple of photos from the course.  They show some of my fellow participants at work with the mitre saw and the mount cutter respectively.

With the better weather we managed to get out a bit more and one of walks was along the Tay estuary from Tayport to the old lighthouse.  This is a favourite walk of ours which we do with Elena and her boys and Gerry, their dog.  Here is Elena with Liam and Jamie having a bit of a rest in the sunshine.
The way back can be made along the old railway line and here  someone has put up a rope from the branch of a tree which makes for an exhilarating, if a bit dangerous, adventure.  Jamie was quite excited by this and managed to swing back and forth very successfully.  The rest of us were not so competent.
By the end of the walk Liam was beginning to feel a bit cold in the breeze, so he donned my jacket for some warmth and protection.  Looks quite cute in the outfit.
The walk passes right up by the estuary at some points and here is a rather strange object which lies very close to the edge.  Somebody has clearly laid the bricks, but I have no idea what it is, or was.  The red brick stands out nicely though against the pebbles and rocks.
As it was such a lovely and breezy day, the yachting fraternity were tempted out onto the water.  Here is a fine dingy sailing close to the rocky shore.
If the good weather keeps up for April, I hope to get out and about a lot more, camera in hand.

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