Tuesday 30 June 2009

The Tango Dancers

She likes the way he holds her close,
confident and firm, yet not too tight.
She likes to feel his strong embrace
as he moves her body across the floor.

He likes the way her body moves,
graceful, slowly swaying.
He likes to hold her, firm and close
as he guides her body around the floor.

The music sweeps them on and on,
gliding, turning, prancing,
quick then slow, moving as one
their bodies meet in rhythmic steps.

Her body turns in tune with his,
legs entwine in a lingering caress;
they step apart, he twirls her round
then brings her close and leads her on.

The music stops, their dancing ends,
they say goodbye - perhaps again?
She liked the way he held her close,
He liked the way her body moved.

This post is just an excuse to put up some more suggestively seductive pictures of tango dancing. Simply enjoy!

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