Tuesday 12 April 2011

More Bargello Pieces

All my latest stitching work has been in Bargello.  I also managed to finish off a previous piece.  I went on a course on mounting and framing and used this to complete the project I call Broken Ribbons.  This features a couple of bits of painting done by my grandson Jamie.  Here is the completed work.
My first new project was another Free Form Bargello design.  This one is loosely based on a Zebra pattern from Brenda Day's A Fresh Approach to Florentine Embroidery.  There it is in black and white, while I used lots of white and instead of black, a mixture of fuchsia, purple and magenta shades.  This piece was stitched on white interlock canvas with Anchor tapestry wool.  I am slowly working my way through my existing stash of wool threads.  Here is the piece, as yet unfinished.
Next up was a couple of bookmarks.  I haven't made a bookmark for over a year now.  So it was quite pleasant to return to these little practical pieces.  Each bookmark is made up of three tulips. The tulip pattern comes from The Bargello Book by Frances Salter.  I use a 14 count edged Aida fabric in white for these bookmarks.  The threads for the tulips are cotton threads from Les Fils du Rhin.  I used three strands and the first tulip was stitched with bourrasque for the flower and mousson for the leaf, while the other tulip was stitched with 1001 nuits for the flower and brise marine for the leaf.  The borders were stitched with DMC cotton threads using a simple diagonal stitch.
My current project is another attempt to add a bit of creativity to my stitching.  One again I will insert some other material into a stitched piece.  The main pattern is a slight variation on Florentine Signets, a lovely design from Bargello Magic, by Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker.  Here is what it looks like so far.
The framework pattern is stitched in greens - medium yellow green, ultra dark pistachio and bright chartreuse.  This part has been stitched with two strands of DMC cotton threads.  Each signet will then be filled with silk threads in blue and purple.  The central section will then be cut out and a filled with a cut off from a screen print which I found lying around at the DCA.  It is also in blue and purple.  Once finished this piece will be mounted and framed.  Still quite a way to go before then.

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