Monday 6 December 2010

Photo of the Month - November

November was a strange month photo wise.  Not much for most of the time and then a flurry of photos at the end of the month.  November started with The Souk in Broughty Ferry.  Organized by Dundee Nablus Town Twinning Association we put up a mini Arab market in the YMCA building.  Despite the wet weather it turned out a successful day.  Below are a couple of photos showing some of the lovely Palestinian goods for sale.

By the end of the month winter had suddenly descended on Scotland and Dundee was soon a winter wonderland as we awoke to an all white landscape.   Here you can see the state of our street.

It did make everything look lovely.  The next three photos show our garden.  It is amazing just how much colour there is in the garden even in the snow.

Despite the very cold weather and the difficult underfoot conditions we still managed to get out and about every day.  At least for a short while.  Below are a couple of shots of scenes by the estuary.

Things must be especially hard for the wildlife during these very cold spells.  But many do manage to survive one way or another.  Here is an oystercatcher scavanging for scraps at the water's edge.
Broughty Ferry has a large and wonderful collection of swans.  Luckily they seem to get supplied with food every day.  Here is a lovely photo of two swans.  Not sure if they are showing off or squaring up or just trying to keep warm.
In the town the Christmas decorations and lights are now up to brighten the day.  One of the most spectacular is the window display at Gillies, a furniture store.  It is not just the window, but the whole floor space that is filled with Santas, reindeer and other Christmas creatures.
On the last day of the month, St. Andrews Day, we had Liam and Jamie for company, as their school was closed due to the bad weather.  To cheer everybody up in the very cold weather we went to a local pub, The Fisherman's, for some warmth and lunch.  I end this selection with the happy faces of Liam and Jamie as they enjoy their orange juice.

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