Monday 3 January 2011

Reading Challenges - 2011

I came across Reading Challenges for the first time only last year.  I signed up for one - The Scandinavian Challenge.  Though if the truth be told this was not really a challenge, as I just love to read crime fiction from Scandinavia.  I also made a stab a Japanese novels, well one, but did not sign up for this challenge.
This year I have already signed up for a challenge, the Eastern European Challenge, which like the Scandinavian challenge is sponsored by Amy at Black Sheep Dances.  Now this really will be a challenge for me as I have read next to nothing by East European authors, other than a few of the Russian classics.  I also know nothing about the East European writing scene.  So I am looking forward to this challenge immensely.  As with many challenges this offers three levels of challenge.  At the tourist level you only need to read four books over the year, while the Ambassador has to read eight books.  To become a Scholar you will need to read 12 books from Eastern Europe this year.  Amy has helpfully provided us with some ideas to start with and at least one of the entrants has also posted in some suggestions.  First task will be to check the library's catalogue to see how many of these suggestions they have in stock.

Other challenges for 2011 which might interest you include the Global Reading Challenge which requires you to read at least one novel from each continent.  For those of you keen to explore the world of mystery fiction from the past then the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge will suit you fine.  I might even give this one a try myself, as I keep on threatening to find out just what the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle would be like to read.

If you feel really ambitious or are just bored with life and have nothing to do then the 100+ challenge is for you.  Yes, you've guessed, the challenge is to read at least 100 books over the year.  Better get started soon!  If 100 books is just too much to aim for (it will be for me) then you might want to try the Book Vixen's Outdo Yourself Challenge.  This just requires you to set yourself a challenge to read more books than you did last year.  May have to jot down all those books you did read last year.  Finally a challenge for all of you who have collected loads of books in the past, but which have just languished unread on your bookshelf or are just lying around the house somewhere.  The Off the Shelf Challenge may be just what you need to tempt you to actually go and read some of these books.

In addition to the Eastern European Challenge I have some non formal challenges of my own for this year.  I hope to dip into Japanese literature again and may try to read two books from Japan.  I will also of course continue reading lots of Scandinavian crime novels.  In particular I want to finish the Jo Nesbø series.  Next up is The Redeemer.  I also plan to read more books in Spanish this year.  My challenge is to read one each month.  If my German improves I will also try and read the odd krimi novel.

Whatever your reading challenges are I hope you have a great year in books.


  1. Great goals, especially reading books in other languages. I mostly read in English and the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish), but I have thought about trying a novel in Dutch. Well, let´s see if I am ambitious enough.

    Good luck with your challenges!

  2. Sounds very interesting had a look at all the links, quite like the Vintage Mystery Challenge. May do that one but did not see the link, anyway you have lots of read then!

  3. I also liked the eastern european challenge. Probably due the the fact I was obsessed with that part of europe after my school visit in 1992 to eastern Europe and also the favourite part of my european studies degree were the east european courses. So I might set myself a 'baby challenge to read; The death of the little match girl by Zoran Feric and Frozen Time by Anna Kim. These both appeal to me.