Tuesday 5 January 2010


Welcome to 2010! And bitter cold it is too, at least over here in not so sunny Scotland. This has been the worst cold spell since goodness knows how long ago. The media are calling it the Big Freeze. Certainly feels like that. Anyway to cheer us all up a bit, I decided to start the year with a bit of colour and a warm one too - red. So here are some photos taken over 2009 featuring red - to remind us all of warmer days.

We start with this lovely little robin, taken in Tayport on New Year’s Day 2009, another cold and frosty day. Still robins always manage to cheer me up, whatever the weather.

This is another winter scene, showing two under-graduates from St.Andrews University in their traditional red gowns. In the photo they are overlooking the Castle Sands from the ruins of the castle itself.

Now for some hot peppers to warm us up inside. One of my favourite vegetables, either cooked or raw in a salad. Good for you as well as beautiful to look at.

Next some spring colour with this collage of April tulips, mainly taken in our back garden. I love tulips, such beautiful flowers, especially when they are just about to spread open.

In June we all went to Mallorca to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and we were blessed by some glorious sunny weather. Not hard to imagine the bright flowers that grew everywhere.

I just had to include some of my stitching work from the year. This features three coasters and one side of a biscornu.

More summer flowers - dahlia, poppy and a rose from Walenstadt in Switzerland.

More from Switzerland - yours truly with Alessio showing off our balancing skills on the shores of the Zürichsee. Not to mention our lovely bright red gear.

Another Swiss pic - a very lovely and happy mum and son, just after a dip in the pool.

I just had to include this one. You get such impressive window displays in Switzerland. This one is from some trendy boutique in Zürich.

Final photo from Switzerland. You get these colourful gourds on display all over the place in September. These were on a table outside a farm on the edge of Kilchberg. The gourds were for sale and we bought some to take back home and put outside our front door. They last a long time.

More autumn colour, this time back in Scotland. The berries are from a cotoneaster in the Barnhill Rock Garden, here in Broughty Ferry, while the roses are in the gardens of Falkland Palace.

Back to winter again and this is a gorgeous Christmas window display from a lovely craft shop in St.Andrews.

This final photo features my adorable grandsons, who are all avidly following in their grandad’s footsteps as cooks sublime. The cakes were delicious as well - an added bonus.

I hope this little photo essay has cheered some of you up a bit. Let’s hope the Big Freeze relents soon and we can all enjoy some real warmth.

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