Thursday 22 September 2011

Photo of the Month - August 2011

August was quite a good month photo wise.  Early August sees the annual Pittenweem Arts Festival.  Below are some photos from the town.  The first is a view of the harbour, followed by an unusual use for lobster creels.
Next are some of the sculptures which dotted the main pier.  They were all made from discarded bits of motor bikes.
The following two photos come from the Tay estuary.  The first is a rather strange collection of objects which I found lying on the beach and then comes a little tug on the waters.
August is one of the school holiday months and we had the pleasure of Liam and Jamie's company for some of the time.  Here they are enjoying themselves.
During August we had some rather spectacular sunsets and here is my attempt to capture one of them.  It is the view looking across to the houses on the other side of our street.
Below is one of Kathleen's lovely flower arrangements which brighten our rooms.
For a few days in August Dundee hosted a Youth Festival with guests from all four of the city's Twin partners.  This included a delegation from Nablus in Palestine.  Below, one of the Nabulsi guests show off her new kilt.
August is also the birthday month for Liam, who is now eight years old.  Below are a couple of photos of Liam and his birthday cake, with first up the two Grannies in riotous form.
One of the highlights of August is to enjoy the full flowering of Hydrangeas.  The lace cap variety is Kathleen's favourite and below is a lovely specimen.
I end with one of my bargello pieces.  This one is entitled Petals and was stitched in shades of violet and lavender.  I think it goes well with the hydrangea above.

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