Wednesday 24 June 2009

songs for swingin' lovers!

This is one of my all time favourite albums. I acquired the original LP either in the late 1950's or the very early 1960's. Not sure how I ended up with this. It might not even have been mine. Whatever, I just loved it and played it all the time. It featured the great Nelson Riddle as the orchestrator of the music and conductor of the orchestra which is not credited on the label. I loved to pretend I was the conductor and had visions of becoming an orchestrator myself. I knew I couldn't sing, and as I had no opportunity to prove that I couldn't orchestrate this was something I could indulge in for long enough. The music was a wonderful selection of 15 of the greatest classics of popular American songs. The full list is:

1 You make me feel so young
2 It happened in Monterey
3 You're getting to be a habit with me
4 You brought a new kind of love to me
5 Too marvellous for words
6 Old devil moon
7 Pennies from heaven
8 Love is here to stay
9 I've got you under my skin
10 I thought about you
11 Well' be together again
12 Makin' whoopee
13 Swingin' down the lane
14 Anything goes
15 How about you?

And of course there was the incomparable Frank Sinatra himself. The tracks were recorded in January 1956 when Sinatra was in his full bloom as a singer. Riddle's orchestration gives the music a light and delicate, slightly jazzy feel to it, while Sinatra complements the music with his rich yet light voice and his near perfect timing and phrasing.

The cover itself is a work of art with Sinatra in one of his classic poses looking down at the oh so happy and care free lovers. For as the title implies this is not a disc of heartbreak or sad love. Instead the music, the lyrics and Sinatra's voice all combine to celebrate the joy and the sheer fun of being in love. If you have never heard this disc then treat yourself – it is now available on CD - and enjoy!

To whet your appetite here is I've got you under my skin from youtube It is not a live performance, but does feature lots of lovely photos of the man himself. You can hear the whole album here on spotify.

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